The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck
A modern tale of Alchemy

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Author's note- What you read here may seem incredible, impossible and/or highly unlikely...but keep an open mind....every word is true. If I had not had an open mind when this advernture first begain in 1996, I would have ignorantly walked away from one of the most interesting and exciting shipwreck stories of the 20th Century.....

The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck
(On the Trail of the Modern Day Alchemist)

By David Econopouly

The question which one should ask after review of his research is not whether one can produce precious metals by low energy nuclear transmutation but to what level will this technology expand.

Exotic Research Report- October/November/December 1996
(written about Joe Champion)

Excerpts from The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck

"The "treasure" is comprised of two types of materials: Silver-colored metallic artifacts such as cannons, cannonballs, dore bars, ingots and other assorted objects; and a grayish-tan dry chemical, hardened by almost 200 years of salt-water submersion into the shape of the wooden barrels that had housed it before rotting away. The artifacts, at first glance, appeared to be simply metal and a limestone compound. But oddly enough very few people could agree on exactly what they were used for, or for that matter, even what they were made of. That was one of the first oddities that caught my attention after my early meeting with Michael. It seemed to me that metal is metal, often made up of different elements in combination, but metal none-the-less. So why couldn't our 20th Century science conclusively identify the metals that were produced almost 200 years ago by more primitive scientists then ours? According to Dayne Chastain a retired metallurgist in Oklahoma it was because "The Spanish could do amazing things with metals but their technology has been lost", but I was not to talk to Dayne for yet another month."

"As the hours passed a stream of documents continued to flow into my hands. One that especially caught my interest was written on the letterhead of Dayne Chastain and Associates that took the figures from the German Institute Assay and multiplied the per ounce value of each of the elements times the number of ounces in the 2,900 pound carronade. The total value on the precious metals came to $13,612,954.00. That was a lot of money for a cannon and I was beginning to see why Michael remained interested in selling his artifacts despite the fact that he was unsuccessful for 6 years."

"Another document was on the letterhead of Bremer Technology Corporation located in Las Veas, Nevada. This was addressed to "Mr. Fisher". I had heard of Mel Fisher through a couple of TV specials and news reports about him, so his involvement in the project caught my attention.
The first paragraph began "We just completed the analysis of the three samples submitted by Mr. Dayne Chastain. As you see the values measured of the sample #1(Cannon Ball) and sample #2(Cannon) show very high values of Gold and the Platinum Group Elements. The values of the Gold and the Platinum Group are probably not as free metals present and therefore not alloyed with base metals. To break the bond of those clusters(molecules) it is necessary to use the Bremer Technology which will do exactly that." There was mention of something called an "Electron-beam furnace", but at that point I had no idea what that was."

""After I got them from the water I set them in my yard. I asked my Haitian gardener to clean them off and went to town. When I came back I couldn't believe my eyes…he had gouged these holes in them. I yelled at him 'What did you do to my cannons?' He replied, 'I didn't do nothin', Michael, I just tap dis wit' my machete and pieces fall off.'" Michael explained to me that the craters seemed to be filled with some sort of metallic putty to fair out the cannons so that they were straight, fair and smooth.
This was starting to get extremely interesting to me. The Platinum Cannons that Michael had may not have been cannons at all, but large chunks of metal that were made to look like cannons. Were the cannonballs just chunks of metal made to look like cannonballs? The hatch? Add to this 100 barrels of a limestone-like material which Michael claimed were laced with precious metals and some pretty interesting theories were developed."

""There is no place in our salvage license that states we must sell our artifacts by auction.", Patsy began. Minister Allen didn't appear to have much interest in the subject so she asked him pointedly "Have you read the license terms?" The Minister replied very matter of factly, "No." and for all intents and purposes, that was the end of the Patsy's meeting with him.
Well, at least we knew that even if we did find a buyer for the carronade, we would still not be able to sell it. We were not deterred as we half expected some resistance from the government and so decided that we would have to find an alternative plan if the artifacts contained the precious metal content we believed them to have.
Michael who is as patriotic towards his country and as honest as a man can be was being pushed to the limits and I believe his statement to me surprised even himself. "If we find a buyer, we will sell it to them…even if we have to smuggle it out." With that settled we would continue our search to ascertain the value of the artifacts."

"Once the samples were sent off, we eagerly awaited the results. The first phone call from Walter was a complete surprise that left me completely baffled and just a bit worried.
"Congratulations!", Walter began, "You are the owners of the first Atomic Cannon!". When I asked him what he meant, he told me that his assay indicated that the samples that we sent him contained Uranium. I was expecting positive results from him, but this was a little too positive."

""Hudson knew that this "nothing could be seen, felt, tasted and weighed. It had to be something and he was determined to find out what it was. In the course of his research he found a paper from the Soviet Academy of Sciences stating that a proper spectroscopic analysis required a 300 second burn instead of the 15 second burn used in the United States. Utilizing the Soviet technique of fractional vaporization, Hudson discovered that his sample contained the elements palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and osmium. Even more astounding was his discovery that each of the nonmetallic elemental forms was a superconductor, a substance which allows an electric current to flow without resistance even the absence of a continually applied potential.""

"He went on to talk about a man by the name of Dr. Merkle who was producing an organic crystaline compound that was being used by people who had debilitating diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. He mentioned his brother who was having great success in the battling of his diabetes using this crystal formula, but emphasized that he is not able to make any claims. This turned out to be one more coincidence- I was to find out later that Dayne and Dr. Merkle had worked together on a project and had testified before a Senate committee on the utilization of polymer in the recovery of oil.
At the end of our conversation Dan told me that I needed to contact a man by the name of Joe Champion. He was the one that was making gold."

"It was mid-September and the package was sitting on my desk when I got in from lunch. It was from Dayne and inside there was a hand-written message on yellow-lined paper that said "David, I ran across this in cleaning out my bookshelf. I thought I had put this in the O.U.(Oklahoma University) package. I'm glad I didn't. It tells a lot about the Pt. Metals and their complexes. I'm sure it will interest you." The package was a surprise to me as I was not aware that he was going to send me anything. I opened it up and it was a spiral-bound manuscript, zerox-copied and about 80 pages long. It was called 20th- Century Alchemy. I began to read the preface- "Twentieth Century Alchemy is a publication which covers the debate which has plagued man for milleniums. 'Can one cause an element to change from itself to another by a chemical reaction?" Well, my good friend, Dr. John O'M Bockris from Texas A&M University is now conjuring a new breed of scientists fluttering throughout their laboratories adorned in their black robes, wearing conical hats with their pet horned toads, sprinkling elixir on lead to convert it to gold.""

"After I answered his questions, he explained his theory to me. He believed that the "limestone" material, and not the metal artifacts, was the important discovery and that it was actually an elixir used by the Spanish to convert base metals into precious metals. He cautioned me that this wasn't definite, but that a lot of the facts seemed to point in that direction. He also suggested that there was a good chance that the cannons and artifacts had merely a thin layer of platinum covering them. He speculated that this might have been a chemical reaction which was a result of the close proximity of the elixir to the artifacts mixing with a small electrical current naturally produced by salt water. He theorized that over a period of 200 years the iron may have been transformed into a thin layer of precious metals that was identified by the assays performed over the previous six years."

""Before entering the crux of this memorandum please allow me the opportunity to state that the story regarding your discovery is fascinating.
It is my understanding that you are dealing with two types of unknown material at this time. The first being, approximately 100 barrels of a gray substance that is unknown and the second being cannons and other assorted metallic artifacts of unknown origin.
Continuing, it is my understanding and after physical communication with Mr. Dayne Chastain and others, you have found by observation that the material when treated with esoteric processes appears to contain high levels of precious metals. Also, it is my understanding that you have had Mr. Zig Bremmer and his associates in Germany test the material and report high levels of platinum, associated platinum group elements and gold. Completing my thoughts on this subject, it is also my understanding that you have had numerous other investigators tell you that the value of the find is enormous, while others in the "main stream" have stated its value to be of nothing greater than its artifactual worth.
Having stated this, allow me to enter into a pliable scenario as to the potential truth of your treasure. For discussion purposes, let us forget the metallic artifacts found near the wreckage and concentrate only on the barrels.
Being a study and expert in the field of low energy nuclear reactions, I would have to guess that the barrels contain material that is now known as a "trigger" for low energy nuclear events. This modern day term is no more than its lesser accepted term, elixir. The trigger is something that allows for the conversion of a base metal to a precious metal. If you are dealing in the world of sanity, you would immediately discount such thoughts as reality. However, in the real world of science, this is now starting to be recognized as a physical observation. I will explain more and provide a reference later in this document.""

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