The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck
A modern tale of Alchemy

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Joe Champion
Madman or Genius?

My first telephone calls with Joe occurred in August of 1996. I had heard his name from Dan York, a Dallas-based engineer/chemist/alchemist who told me that Joe was converting mercury to gold. Sounded crazy, but I called him just to see if he might have any insight into the mystery surrounding
The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck.

The results of our first conversation was the beginning of a two-year odessy through a world of alchemy or in modern scientific terms "Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation." I will include my interactions with Joe Champion in the Shipwreck story. I have included quotes here from Mr. Champion's book 20th Century Alchemy.(Click here to read full
Introduction or Preface to 20th Century Alchemy)

Chapter I Introduction I
Chapter II History 6
Chapter III Explanation of Resonance Reaction 34
Chapter IV Experimental Examples 39
Chapter V Analytical Analysis of Experiments 54
Chapter VI Synthetic Production of Precious
Metals from Black Sands 56
Chapter VII conclusion 82

On December 11, 1992, I was preparing for an interview with media representatives in Mexico City. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting with the press because I was picked up and taken to Arizona by a combined group of FBI agents, Mexican Federales and Interpol. As I was led into the Phoenix airline terminal, I was arrested by Arizona police and taken to the Maricopa County Jail. I learned en route from one of my FBI escorts, and later from Roger Briggs that my business partner and friend, William Telander, had betrayed me through a false story he gave to the FBI that I was about to do a traitorous act in passing nuclear secrets to certain third world leaders, Quadhafi and Castro. Simultaneous to my kidnapping out of Mexico, my personal effects and 20 years of computerized notes, files, experiments, data and all history were stolen from my personal storage in Mexico by Telander and his girl friends, Miss Mateo and Miss Meacham.
Even though I became a political prisoner in jail, my morale was not broken. I was able to continue my work in the science through others. I collaborated with Drs. Bockris, Bush (CalPolyTech) and Monti on a theoretical scientific paper which will be published in the near future.

I was received with mixed feelings inside Dr. Bockris's group. Dr. Bhardwaj, the senior scientist and Mr. Minevski, a graduate student, both of chemistry disciplines, were openly optimistic, while Dr. G. Lin, a nuclear physicist was negative. Dr. Lin's favorite saying as he walked down the hall was, "No, no, no, no!" Because of the time constraint, I rapidly attempted three demonstrations of the electromagnetic resonance experiment -- all failures. This made Dr. Lin happy. The reader should not misunderstand the situation with Dr. Lin. We were not adversaries, but life would have been simpler for a physicist if my theories were proven wrong. However, with what was to happen next, Dr. Lin and I became close, while I unknowingly developed new opposition within the group at the University......
At least Dr. Torres was more open-minded. I gave him a chemical matrix consisting of mineral, carbon (C), sodium nitrate (NaNOA , lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) . I wrote out the procedures in total and departed, allowing him to acquire new chemicals and to proceed unobstructed by me. On September 10, 1991, Dr. Torres prepared an affidavit stating the following results:
Mineral before the reaction (100 grams total)
Silver --------------- 0.35 mg
Gold --------------- 4.00 mg
Mineral composition after the reaction
silver --------------- 0.96 mg
Gold--------------- 17.00 mg

Translated excerpts from his report follows:
"The tests, sample preparations, and analysis were conducted by University personnel, without comprise of Dr. Champion."
"I cannot consider the increase to be from a chemical reaction. It's probably a new nuclear reaction."
"In the thermal process, there was no external nor internal radiation source. Clearly the reaction (nuclear) started with the heat (burn) and terminated at the end."......


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