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The following article was sent to me by Dayne, a retired metallurgist who included the note "Here is something that may be of interest to you. This is what I have found in a lot of the work I have done over the years"

The article sounded a little crazy to me(like most everything else I was coming across) but I thought it was at least worth looking into.

Superconductibity and Modern Alchemy
Has the Philosopher's Stone Been found?

In March of 1988, David Hudson filed U.S. and worldwide patents on eleven orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, Ormes, which he discovered in a form not previously recognized. This a totally new form of matter, the confirmation of which will be presented by Mr. Hudson with scientific references and data compiled by some of the most acclaimed research laboratories in the world.

David Hudson is a fourth generation Arizon farmer who became interested in extracting gold and silver form the "tailings" of old mining sites near is 675 acre farm. When he began the recovery process he soon discovered that gold and silver were being lost because of of the buildup of a powdery substance referred to as "ghost gold" by miners and metallurgists. Hudson's cruiosity led him to work with spectroscopists at Cornell University and other labs to discover the elemental ingredients of this powder. Initial findings of the sam;le yielded iron, silica and aluminum. Further extraction of these elements left 98% of the powder intact. The surprise was that this 98% consisted of nothing which could be identified through normal spectroscopic analysis

Hudson knew that this "nothing" could be seen, felt, tasted and weighted. It had to be something and he was determined to find out what it was. In the course of his research he found a paper from the Soviet Academy of Sciences stating that a proper spectroscopic analysis required a 300 second burn instead of the 15 second burn used in the United States. Utilizing the Soviet technizue of fractional vaporization, Hudson discovered that his sample contained the elements palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and osmium. Even more astoundin was his discovery that each of the nonmetallic elemental forms was a superconductor, a substance which allows an electric current to flow without the resistance even in the absence of a continually applied potential.

Hudson continued his research and found papers by the US Naval Research Facility showing that cells of living tissues commicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity, but the nature of the superconducting substance was unknown. On a huch, Hudson analyzed the brain tissue of pigs and cattle and found that brain dry matter weight was 5% rhodium and iridium!

As a result of Hudson's research, he knew that the electrons flowing through a superconductor pair off and are converted to a light frequency in the process. He theorized that this might be the same process occurring in human cells. Hudson discovered papers published by Bristo-Myers-Squibb Laboratories and others which indicated intense experimentation was being done utilizing precious elements in the treatment of cancer. These elements were shown to interact with the cell by a vibrational frequency or by light transfer to correct the mutent DNA. When Hudson applied his proprietary method of analysis to Essiac Tea(an alternative treatment for cancer), he discovered high levels of rhodium and iridium. He also found that acemannan, a derivative of the aloe vera plant currently being tested on AIDS patients is 90% rhodium.

David Hudson's life took an abrupt turn in 1990 when his uncle brought him a Time-Life book, Secrets of the Alchemists. The goal of the alchemists was to make a white powder of gold that would serve as the container of the "light of life". This search for the white powders has been termed the search for the philosopher's stone. Encyclopaedia Britannica says: "The stone, also referred to as the "tincture" or the "powder"....was allied to an elixir of life...Inasmuch as alchemy was concered not only with the search for a method of upgrading less valuable metals but also of perfecting the human soul, the philosopher's stone was thought to cure illnesses, prolong life and bring about spiritual revitalization."

A new line of thought consumed David Hudson. He read over 500 books on alchemy and religion including The Bible...finding many references to the white powder. He talked to Rabbis well versed in the ancient secrets of Judaism who told him of "white powders" available only to the priest of Solomon's Temple. This is referred to as "manna"-food of the gods. Hudson's research has led him to believe that ingesting the manna enabled the preists to approach the Ark of the Covenant without being killed.

In his lecture, Hudson will give fascinating details about the Ark and a scientific explanation behind the mann's protection. He will also discuss where the priests obtained their formula for making the white powders and how this formula was lost after the Temple was destroyed. He will explain his theories about the Essenes and why he thinks Mary was given the white powders of gold in preparation for the conception and birth of Jesus.

Nostradamus predicted that by 1999 "occult gold" would be known to science. Other prophecies indicate the discovery of this "occult gold" would be made by a direct descendant of the Davidic blood line. According to the book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Davidic blood line is continued today in the French du Gulse family name. Long after his research into the white powders began, David Hudson discovered he was a direct descendnt of this French family.

Could David Hudson be teh one chosen to fulfill these ancient prophecies? Revelation 2:17 says "...To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that recieveth it."

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