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Mango Metal Report


Summary of Direction

Research in Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation ? an Obscured Area of Science

In 1989 I was fortuned to be witness of a phenomena, which for all intents and purposes, has been ruled impossible by the established scientific community. During the course of experiments being conducted by a non?scientific person. I observed what appeared to be the instant conversion of one element to another. This "conversion " occurred under conditions wherein the applied energies were lower than those previously considered possible.

Independent replication of this event, under controlled conditions, made me realize that nuclear events occur outside of the norm as established by "high energy physics.

Ever since the initial introduction to this event, I have dedicated my full efforts to determination of the
cause and potential effects of this discovery. In an attempt fully comprehend my findings, I have
collaborated with institutions throughout the World to solidify my position and priority.

Summary of qualifications

Discovery Publishing 1992 - Present
Scottsdale, Arizona

Established procedures and protocols for functional testing of low energy nuclear reactions. Until recently, the major thrust of my efforts has been in the area of synthesizing precious metals from base metals. In this arena, / have attempted to maximize the effectiveness of reactions, while gaining insight as to the nuclear mathematics. To accomplish this, / have utilized researchers from academic, government and private laboratories to assist in the confirmation of my findings.

In addition, / serve as a consultant to people who are utilizing this technology for commercial gain. Information gather from research is published in books, journals and the Internet.

Work experience

Philadelphia Project 1992
Yontville, California

Held the fiduciary position as Chief Scientist for intellectual development of events surrounding low energy nuclear change. In this position, I interacted with Dr. John O'M Bockris of Texas A&M University This was made possible from a grant given to Texas A&M from the Philadelphia Project which included the employment of Dr. Roberto Monti, Dr. Guang Lin, Dr Sunderasin and Dr. Zoran Minevski.

The primary goal was to determine if the "established scientific community" could verify the empirical data presented from my research. Secondary efforts were to collaborate on a theoretical plane as to the mechanisms behind the nuclear events. I was able to produce tangible evidence in the form of new short life radioactive isotopes produced from various experiments.

During my tenure with the Philadelphia Project, my research was validated by Mid?States Recycling. This Chicago based company is an established firm in the refinement of precious metals. Testing inside of this facility by the employees of Mid?States provided proof that precious metals were being formed from base metals. However, the quantity of new metals produced verses the "cost of production, " proved to be non?economical.

Independent Researcher 1990-1992
Chicago, Illinois ? Guanajuato, Mexico

As an independent researcher, I continued to validate my original observations of 1989. With the assistance of grants I was able to replicate tests in facilities located in Arkansas and Mexico. In Mexico, the University of Guanajuato's Institute of Scientific Investigation validated my claims of low energy nuclear reaction. Due to the lack of equipment the University was only able to observe the thermal excitation process.

Inclusive of validating the empirical?conditions of my research, Dr. Garcia Torres, Director of the Institute, concurred with me on the mathematical models of how such reactions could occur.

Consultant to Gold Spinners International 1989-1990
Cadilac, Michigan

Primary goals were to define new and novel methodologies for the reclamation of precious metals. Initially this was in areas of research provided to them under contract during my employment with the Santa e Research Center.

During this consulting contract, I was fortuned with the observation of low energy nuclear transmutation as demonstrated by Mr. Jack Keller in Seattle, Washington. Independent confirmation of this research was accomplished by Mr. Lee Smith, a chemical engineer also employed by Gold Spinners.

Due to the "potential" of this discovery Gold Spinners decided that it feel outside the realm of their public company interests in Canada. This being the case, I elected to follow the phenomena privately.

Santa Fe Research Center 1978-1989
Columbia, Tennessee

Served in the fiduciary position of Chief Scientist to develop means for the selective capture of
ions in solution by the use of electro?magnetic resonance. The position required design of
theoretical models and construction of laboratory apparatuses inclusive of computer interface and
software design.

Research was also accomplished in the area of using electromagnetic resonance in the excitation of nuclear events. This was a continuation of theoretical and empirical models developed in 1985 wherein I felt that palladium could resonate absorbed hydrogen.

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