The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck
A modern tale of Alchemy

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Chapter 2 HISTORY

"Scientists are educated to believe that all new knowledge comes in tiny increments, grains of sands piled one on another. Indeed, that is how most knowledge is gained. Therefore, they are never prepared for the visionaries who arrive at new insights which, overnight, utterly transform an entire field of inquiry.,,

Dean Kootz

In 1989, Mr. Jack Keller and his wife visited me while I was employed as Senior Scientist for the Santa Fe Research Center in Columbia, Tennessee. Jack was commissioned to review a selective precipitation process using electromagnetic resonance techniques which had been developed at the Center. During his three day stay, he spent considerable time with my associate Larry Shelton, a physicist also assigned to my project. Jack told Larry he had a process he referred to as "growing gold.

He claimed he was able to capture, through his reverse pyramid electrolysis cell, large amounts of gold which was never witnessed in the starting material by the most sophisticated of instruments. Of course, Larry and I, as professionals, dismissed this as the dreams of a madman. Upon Jack's departure from the laboratory, we never conceived that he and I would visit again.

Later in the year, Jack invited Larry and his wife to join him in Oregon where he was associated with Bristol Silica Mining. It seems that Larry was the first learned scientific type who would listen to Jack's story. Upon returning, after visiting for two weeks, Larry was convinced that something unusual was occurring. Even though he was unsure of the origin, he felt it deemed further investigation.

In 1990, 1 had an opportunity to visit the Keller's and viewed first hand the "growing gold" process. After Larry's report, I felt confident that I was going to witness something strange, but I had convinced myself that Jack had only stumbled onto a new collection or recovery process. Alchemy was not in my vocabulary at that time. After the first five hours of my visit, I had gained an eighty percent confidence level that thirty years ago, Jack had stumbled into a discovery which was to have a major impact on modern day science.

To have a clear understanding as to how everything evolved, it is necessary to regress about thirty years in history. I think it important to give credit to all involved in this discovery. Of course, I am repeating many events as they were told to me, so I cannot attest first hand to the absolute authenticity of the following segment.

During the postwar period of World War II, a Czechoslovakian geologist, Dr. Walter Lussage, took haven in a boarding house operated by the Kellers' in Washington. During his residence with the Kellers', he continued to assert his knowledge in the field of alchemy by accomplishing minor experiments with Jack's assistance. During the time Dr. Lussage was conducting experiments with Jack, he was gaining tenure at the University of Washington. Within the University, Dr. Lussage became associated with Doctors Becker, T. Miller, and J. Miller. This group formed an unusual combination, for Dr. Becker and Dr. T. Miller were chemists and Dr. Janice Miller was a physicist. This group was commissioned by Mr. Victor Denny to develop a recovery process for microfine gold associated with geological deposits of a micaceous schist located near Cle Elum, Washington. The project, totally financed by Mr. Denny, was successful and gained immediate rewards for the group.

Various pieces of documentation regarding communications between the group were made available to me. However, it was unclear to me if they realized the scientific occurrences they were viewing were nuclear in nature, or not. From the notes relating to radiation studies provided by Gulf Atomic Research in the 1960's and notations from Dr. Janice Miller, I would have to assume that at least she was aware a nuclear event of unknown origin was occurring.

However, I think it of importance to note that there is no question as to the "founder" or "discoverer" of the technology, as it is related to this group, was Dr. Lussage. Dr. Lussage, deceased in 1977, left no trace to the legacy of his knowledge. I have no idea who may have passed the information to him, or, if he acquired it strictly upon his own. Due to the lack of computerized records and the destruction of accounts by the War, I was unable to make any progress into the European past of Dr. Lussage.

As the group began to prosper, they established a pilot plant with full geological research facilities in Seattle. These facilities, still in museum?like conditions as of 1992, are physically associated with Dr. Troy Becker's residence.

It was during this time frame that various portions of Lussage's secret were given to Jack, thus beginning his knowledge of metallurgy. It is interesting to note that Jack's initial education was in a field of metallurgy which is not even practiced today. The importance here is that if Jack had a formal education, he would not have been able to accept what he viewed as valid to the laws of science and would have always doubted his results, whereas just the opposite occurred. By accepting absolutes, i.e., that given to him by Lussage, Jack was able to experiment with varying formulas and matrixes to increase the efficiencies in the nuclear reactions, while all along he thought he was developing a collection technique for atomic particle gold.

As time advanced, Lussage's group of scientists went in a direction opposite from Jack Keller. Keller advanced his inherent knowledge within his hobby shop while a black cloud started to appear over the doctors.

In the early 1970's the scientists, after reaching success within their Seattle facility, struck out to build a large production plant outside Carson City, Nevada. Tonnages of material were processed yielding large amounts of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in the form of salts. These are chemically known as chlorides. Shortly after inception, both of the Millers passed away, reportedly of cancer, which is of interest.

Also, somehow the Federal Government became upset with the operation. This was reported by Dr. Troy Becker in a sworn affidavit dated in 1983. There was a trial in a Federal Court based on fraud against the surviving members of the group, Lussage and Becker, However, Lussage died one year before the trial date leaving Becker, as the only survivor of the group to face the charge alone. There was no way that Becker could explain that they were taking a mineral, that when analyzed showed no gold, silver, or PGMs, and from that mineral his group was able to process up to 5.0% by weight of the mineral in precious metals. For example:

They would take a ton of mineral, which is 1,000,000 grams or 2,200 pounds, and after processing produce 50 kilograms of gold and PGM's. So 50 kg - 110.3 pounds = 1,515 troy ounces.

Becker's only opinion he used in his defense was the gold and PGMs were always present and only his technique would identify and recover these metals. Now the prosecutor, claiming fraud, brought forth numerous "expert" witnesses with formal education in geology and metallurgy who contradicted all claims made by Dr. Becker. The concurrence of the qualified witnesses was, if the purported levels of gold and PGMs were present, Becker must have "salted" the furnace with these metals. The result of the trial was Dr. Becker spent five years of a fifteen-year sentence in a federal prison for not understanding the mechanics of a nuclear reaction. Had he the proper understanding, he could have presented it successfully to the court and scientific communities.

What is disappointing is the statement made by Dr. Becker in a notarized affidavit after his release. He stated that a person who claimed he was with the CIA had just returned from overseas. His mission was to inform Dr. Becker that the group ("The Platinum Group") would not tolerate any additional production of PGMs. If he was to continue his production, he would either be re?jailed or killed. However, they had no problems if he wished to continue his production of only gold and silver.

Dr. Becker, as the last surviving member of the group, is a living legacy of the existence of the Platinum Group. Also, in my single interview with Dr. Becker, he was still referring to their procedure as an atomic particle collection process.

As I stated earlier, my initial introduction to the science came by chance when I visited the Kellers' home in Anacortes, Washington in 1990. This was roughly a year after I first met them in my laboratories in Columbia, Tennessee. Upon arrival, Jack related in great detail the history I just shared with you. He also commented upon impressive laboratory reports of experiments he had accomplished over the decades. We made arrangements then for me to view an experiment the following morning.

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